Use and optimization of Gravure proofing machine

  • Use and optimization of Gravure proofing machine

               Gravure proofing machine is widely used and has become an important tool for liquid ink manufacturers and users.

               The importance of Gravure proofing machine. In the process of gravure production, the guiding ideology of gravure production must be clear. To achieve the standard, the quality of the engraving cylinder should be reflected as much as possible to achieve the expected printing effect.
    Gravure proofing machine
               What needs to be done to achieve high-quality gravure printing? First of all, we need to provide the customer with the final confirmation of the quality of the gravure plate; then we need to provide the analog basis for the digital proofing, so that the color of the digital proof can be similar to the color of the gravure; Color data information, so that the previous process can be based on evidence;

               Now the quality of the company's gravure proofing is unstable. The main reason is that these points are not done well. A set of engraving cylinders is used for proofing one at a time. Use different ink dilution ratios to trace the color of digital proofs signed by customers. This will mislead printing and make scanning and adjustment personnel unable to adjust. Therefore, the standardization and standardization of gravure proofing and data management are used to ensure proofing quality standards and Stability is very important.