Hardness Tester

Model                       :  PH Hardns Tester/ Probe PH 3N

Measuring Range    :HBS100-500; HV: 100-1500; HRC: 20-68; HRB: 55-100; HRA: 37-85;
Hardness Scales     : Vickers(HV); Rockwell C(HRC); Rockwell A(HRA);RockwellB(HRB); Brinell(HB)
Data Display            : LCD Backlight, Adjustable
Language                 : Chinese, English, German, Portugese, Turkish
Working Environment Temperature: -10¡ãCto50¡ãC; Humidity: 30%-80%R.H.
Data Storage           :1000-groups of measuring data and 20-groups of calibration data
Battery Voltage        :Rechargeable lithium battery; Voltage: 4.2V, 4800mAh

Recharger Voltage   :AC220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz

Hardness Tester Advantages
Perfect Accuracy +3%HV, +1.5HR, +3%HB
Nondestructive measure
Fast Measure Cu 12S Cr 5S
Precision: Directly display measurement result,
times count, maximum, minimal, average and deviation
Friendly Operation