Intelligent portable digital microscope
Integration of digital cameras, microscopes and microcosmic measurement functions, intelligent portable digital microscopes of the palm type digital micrometer 
Breakthroughs in traditional micro measurement operations and space restrictions It provides unprecedented convenience and new options for micro measurement in various industrial fields
Application: Printing inspection , precision manufactured Detection and Forensics, Science popularization Teaching, else

Ratio:5X ,60X ,200X

Intelligent portable digital microscope advantage
High-end intelligence :Android operating system, Wireless image transmission ,It can be uploaded to computers, mobile phones
High definition imaging :Optical glass lens,720p high-definition capacitive touch screen,1 million 300 thousand pixel professional photoreceptor chip, all things for micro image HD reduction
Real time shooting :Equipment integrated processor, lens, photoreceptor chip, screen, focus unit, memory, battery , allowing you to shoot micro images anytime and anywhere
Measurement software app :The advanced image processing technology ensures the accuracy of the measurement data, and is built with up to 8 measuring tools to meet the micro measurement requirements
Automatic fine focusing :Using a micromotor to adjust the lens to facilitate the clear focus of the instrument