Gravure engraver should consider the problem when purchasing

  • Gravure engraver should consider the problem when purchasing

         Gravure engraver is a modern equipment for making intaglios. It is generally composed of high-tech electronic, optical and mechanical technologies. It uses electronic and optical principles, and then uses mechanical methods such as mechanical printing. Finally, the original image and the net are used. The eye image, through the fully automatic electronic scanning, tone control and engraving system, directly engraves the mesh corresponding to the original on the plate cylinder.
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    The engraving system of modern gravure electronic engraving machine is generally divided into mechanical type, namely diamond engraving, laser type, that is, carbon dioxide laser and electron beam engraving. These three methods of electronic engraving machine, the front end processing is not much different, only the engraving actuator is different. At present, mechanical electronic engraving machines and laser engraving machines are widely used on the market.