About hardness tester daily maintenance and care

  • About hardness tester daily maintenance and care

    The hardness tester is a high-tech product that integrates mechanical, liquid crystal and electronic circuit technology. Like other precision electronic products, it must be properly maintained to achieve its full performance and a longer service life. How to change how to maintain and maintain it during daily use is generally divided into the following aspects.

    1. Pay attention to handling carefully. Handle the hardness tester with care, and pay attention to packaging and shock resistance. Because most of the hardness testers use LCD liquid crystal panels, if a strong collision, squeezing, and vibration occurs, the position of the liquid crystal panel will be moved, which will cause the convergence of the image during projection and the phenomenon that the RGB colors cannot be overlapped.
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    2, the use of the environment, clean environment is one of the common use requirements of many precision electronic products, hardness tester is no exception, the hardness tester should be placed in a dry and clean environment, away from humid places, pay attention to indoor ventilation. Because the hardness tester's LCD panels are small and high resolution, any small dust particles may affect the projection effect.

    3. Pay attention to the nominal value of the power supply voltage, the ground wire of the hardness tester, and the polarity of the power supply. Pay attention to grounding. Because when the hardness tester and the signal source are connected to different power sources, there will be a higher potential difference between the two neutral lines. Then when the user inserts or pulls out the signal cable or other plug while the power is on, a spark will occur in the plug and socket, which will cause the signal input circuit to be damaged, and then the hardness tester to be damaged. In the process of using the hardness meter, it should not be switched on and off frequently. It is easy to damage the equipment components inside the hardness meter and reduce the service life of the bulb.

    Repair of the hardness tester. The hardness tester is a precision electronic product. When it fails, do not start the inspection without authorization, and you should seek help from a professional technician.