gravure proofing machine noteworthy operation

  • gravure proofing machine noteworthy operation

           The general control method of gravure proofing machine can be divided into three types now: the calculation work is generally completed by computer control, the computer is in working state when the engraving machine is working, and other typesetting work cannot be performed, which may cause the computer to misuse and cause waste.

           Using single-chip microcomputer control, this controller can perform typesetting while the engraving machine is working, but cannot shut down the computer. This is actually equivalent to saving a computer and reducing the waste caused by the computer's misoperation.
    gravure proofing machine
            Using USB port to transfer data, the system has more than 32M memory capacity. As soon as you save the file, you can immediately leave the computer completely, shut down the computer, or perform other typesetting. This way greatly improves the working efficiency of the engraving machine.

         Large format engraving machine adopts wide imported square guide rails. Its load capacity and accuracy maintaining ability are more than 30 times of round guide rails.