Loading and processing efficiency of Cylindrical grinding machine

  • Loading and processing efficiency of Cylindrical grinding machine

    Cylindrical grinding machine is a common processing equipment. When it is used, it not only grinds the surface of the workpiece, but the operation depends on the groove and curved surface processing of the workpiece. In the existing technology, its cylindrical grinding machine After processing, the material is not fully automatic.

    In the process of Cylindrical grinding machine, the operator basically completes the loading or unloading by hand. Therefore, in the process of use, not only the operator's labor needs to be increased, but also the production efficiency is reduced during use. Will directly affect the workpiece positioning and related processing quality.
    Cylindrical grinding machine
    Therefore, the Cylindrical grinding machine can be used for automatic loading and unloading, and the equipment can automatically load and unload during the grinding process, which can reduce the operator's workload to a certain extent and effectively improve its production efficiency.

    The automatic loading and unloading device of the external cylindrical grinder is equipped with a servo motor on the mounting plate. The driving wheel on the servo motor drives the screw rod mounted on the mounting plate to move the screw nut on the screw to drive the slide fixed on the screw nut. The table moves back and forth on the mounting plate. In order to effectively improve the grinding efficiency, Cylindrical grinding machine uses grinding during use, which can effectively increase the speed of its grinding wheel and increase the number of abrasive particles passing through its grinding area per unit time.

    Cylindrical grinding machines should use their belt grinding and wide-wheel grinding when in use. This can increase the grinding width to a certain extent to achieve the effect of increasing the number of abrasive particles involved in grinding. Speed ​​grinding is to improve the grinding. One of the important ways of cutting efficiency.