Unique advantages of Full automatic plating line

  • Unique advantages of Full automatic plating line

             Full automatic plating line can be completely cleaned. Because it is a fully enclosed design, it is very simple and reliable, and it is relatively easy to maintain. The tank body is generally made of imported stainless steel, which has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance and beautiful appearance.

             The Full automatic plating line has a cleaning agent recycling system, which can reduce the cost of production. The setting can use a liquid level control system to ensure that the machine can work normally. It also has a fast hot air drying system to quickly dry the workpiece.

    Full automatic plating line

             An automatic temperature control heating device with an independent digital display temperature control system for each tank is provided, which can automatically complete the workpiece transfer, cleaning, drying and rust prevention processes in the machine. Especially the designed rotating and tossing mechanism. The temperature control range is generally -110 ℃.

              Because it uses a unique ultrasonic generating line, the ultrasound is very powerful. It uses an advanced ultrasonic exciting line and imported high-quality transducers, which has high energy conversion efficiency. Because the control is simple, stable and reliable, this equipment has been suitable for the production of large quantities of parts, and is widely used in the production of electroplated automotive parts. This production line is suitable for the production of fixed plating seeds, so it can change the plating time. The host machine uses mechanical rotation, so the stability is also relatively high.