Cylindrical grinding machine
M1332B high-precision universal cylindrical grinder is used for grinding 
shafts, printing cylinder, sleeves, foil-rollers, ring-gauges and plug-gauges 
requiring high-precision and surface finish, suitable for grinding in single 
piece or small batch production.
Hydro-dynamic-static hybrid bearings are employed in the wheel head 
structure, with high accuracy and rigidity. Headstock spindle is driven by 
DC motor, and its rotation speed is infinitely variable within the specified 
Dense-ball bearing is adopted for tailstock, with high rigidity. The machine 
is equipped with grinding indicating instrument, for the convenience of 
high-accuracy grinding.
The machine has five specifications which are ¦µ320x500, 1000,1500, 
2000, 3000mm, in accordance with user¡¯s requirements