High speed Rotogravure printing press

Technical parameter And specification
Majority advantage and technical parameter
This printing press included unwinding sector, feed-in units, printing sector, feed-out units, rewinding sector, dryer, electronic controlling sector and relevant together. High level hardware, software, and high-performance. rotogravure press.   
Main features 
Cabinet Dryer: New generation spry hot air circle, higher speed exhausting arc structure.
Shaft less clamping of loading cylinder. 
Auto-cutter on both rewinding & unwinding units, tape detecting, jointing film pressure roller, cutting film and tension transfer, reset position all is auto process.
Unwinding, feeding-in, feeding-out, rewinding adopt AC frequency transduction controlling.
Four sectors of floating rollers tension control, unwinding, feed-in, feed-out, rewinding, adopted with lower friction pneumatic cylinder detecting, double feedback control, with high precision tension control.
Rewinding adopted tape tension control, warranty without scratching the materials. 
Pneumatic doctor blade driving unit with three-dimension adjustment.
Whole machine control adopted by PLC & touch screen, with monitoring machine running, safety protection, and err alarm functions